Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Moms of Kids With Allergies, You Are Not Alone.

Your struggle is real, as real as the red rashes that appear on your baby’s cheeks.

Your fear is real, every time you want to eat something but you’re afraid that it may cause a new allergic reaction on your very own offspring. 

Your guilt is real, every time you know that your baby is allergic to something but you can’t stand the temptation to eat just one tiny bite of that chocolate cake you haven’t eaten for months. 

Your despair is real, every time you crave for comfort food—food that you have loved since you were little—but you can’t since your baby is allergic to it. 

Your weariness is real, all the time spent in the kitchen making meals that you would love to just order out and buy, but can’t since it’s too risky for allergens. 

Your frustration is real, every time you try a new “allergy free” recipe and it flops, when your toddler has a birthday party to go to but has to bring her own cake so she can eat “cake” like other kids there. 

Your strength is real, every time you have to explain to family members, friends, and strangers that your kid is allergic and that is his allergic reaction. 

Your humility is real, every time you politely decline party or get-together invitations because you know that the menu won’t support your allergen-free diet. 

Your bravery is real, every time you wake up in the morning, trying again and again to face this challenge—one that has changed your whole life in the blink of an eye. 

Your hope is real, every time you choose to be optimist and trust that your baby will someday overcome his allergies. 

Your feelings are real, they’re completely normal, because you, Mama, are human

And you, strong mama, are not alone.  

April 14, 2017
By Arum Budiani

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