Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Beginnings

Yayy! Another blog post! *pat on back**it's been too long*

There are a gazillion things to write about and file folders full of photos to share. It has been eventful past months... part of our slow “adaptation” months--- around almost a year since we really considered to homeschool seriously. As I looked at the calendar, I realized it’s spring in Japan.. my favorite time of year when the sakura comes to blossom and great warmish-coolish  weather makes me just want to stay outside and bike around town or just spend the days at the park. Aaah... the memories *nostalgic mode*

 Spring is also the new school year for Japan... the sakura blossoms would be iconic with 入学(nyuugakushiki – school entrance ceremony). So, I’m taking this moment here to “start” (again) our more regular “school” activities. 

First, it started with a new “school” corner: bringing the ex-kotatsu table up to the 2nd floor and making it his new corner for working on his daily calendar and other mom-assigned activities. Intinya, pojok yang memang khusus buat dia mengerjakan hal-hal yang perlu meja tulis dan tempat yg lapang (baca: gak tertutup oleh mainan, buku, atau yg lainnya). Pas di depannya ada jendela, jadi kalau pagi alhamdulillah sinar mataharinya bisa masuk, supaya semangat :) (dan kalau iseng bisa lihat-lihat bentuk awan, hehehe). Lalu ternyata Baby Bug juga mau ikutan “belajar” jadi akhirnya (setelah berhasil membujuk Baby Bug untuk turun dari atas meja) masing-masing punya sisi meja, hahaha! And then we started on our new daily activity: the daily calendar binder and Iqro + hafalan surat pendek dari Al-Qur’an atau aneka doa. Untuk saat ini, itu dulu yang aku berani ingin tetapkan sebagai kegiatan yang inshaaAllah reguler. Kalau ada kegiatan lainnya seperti tema tertentu, worksheets, art n crafts, experiments, dsb, itu aku anggap sebagai “bonus” untuk awal2 ini, supaya aku gak stress dan tetap merasa kalau hari ini nggak “berlalu dengan begitu aja”. 

Yes, we’re still trying to do the fine dance of “mom assigned tasks” and “curiousity-propelled activities”, all in the coridor of PLAY. Why? Because Little Bug is still 5. His interests can go from “let’s study about chickens” to “pirates” to “making robots” to infinity in just half a day. And unless some sort of information is relevant (read: interesting) to him in some way, it’ll be me trying to persuade him to learn something—and that’s not how I want it to be. But, still I have my own targets for the homeschooling process that I want to achieve, somehow. So, bear with me while we try to figure this one out, hopefully soon :D Meanwhile, let’s just have fun and be happy :D (And hopefully I can get my act together and write blogs regularly, the pictures in the file folders are calling my name, hahaha). Yosh, ganbarimashou!

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