Friday, March 24, 2017

Retelling a story

We've been going through some routine changes lately in our homeschool. Partly because of having Baby Squirrel plus Little Bird's activities as well, and the other partly because of Big Bug getting bigger and more able to learn independently for some activities.

Now Little Bird reads the Iqro Book everyday, and while she does that, Big Bug reads an Islamic story by himself and will retell the story to me when Little Bird finishes her Iqro Book page. We use the retelling story "Scoop Chart" from thisreadingmama's blog and I'm really happy to see his progress of retelling stories!

I always tell him that no matter what he chooses to do later on in life, he'll need the language skills to communicate, collaborate, and hopefully bring good to himself and others. So even if he still does groan and complain from time to time, this Mama just smiles back and tells him "ganbatte!" Hehehe...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sharing hasil Diskusi Tutur2: "Safer Internet At Home"

18 Maret 2017, Qarnaina Daycare Bogor

Narsum: Ilya Alexander, praktisi media komunikasi dan internet.

By Arum Budiani,

The internet is inevitable. You can't keep your kids away from it. It's a new "world" just like the real world: there are good people/places and bad. Ada content yg bermanfaat dan ada hal2 yg bisa berbahaya/merugikan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

- Perlu diingat, the internet wasn't originally made for kids/education, awalnya buat militer/bisnis. So it isn't, by default, a "safe" place.

- Perkembangan teknologi dan penggunaan skrg menjadikan internet buat semua hal (tmsk pendidikan) dan bisa diakses semua orang (tmsk anak2).

- Reminder: Google and Wikipedia are information portals. Jadi SEMUA info ada di sana untuk kepentingan ilmiah. Maybe not using explicit/real graphics, but the written information is there. How you use the information ya terserah masing2 pengguna.

We need to teach our kids how to navigate the internet and keep themselves safe. We can try to make sure that they will use internet to bring good/useful for us and others, even when we're not with them.


Parents need to:
- keep up with the latest trending "apps" and
- Pelajari t&c apps tsb such as age ratings, content, and reviews.
- teach kids how to navigate safely and be intelligent in the digital world 
- don't give personal laptops/tabs/tv to kids, use them together in the family room
- read how to apply and use parental/safety controls for the gadgets

***Safety is NOT a tool but a PROCESS***

- there's no all-in-1 solution/web browser/parental control app/web-blocker that will gurantee the safety of your family while using the internet!

- you have to educate yourself (first) and your family so you can apply rules/boundaries that will benefit & protect your family.

- Jangan sampai kita di-outsmart sama anak2/keluarga kita. We always have to be 1 step ahead krn kids are smart and technology is always developing.

- Analogi internet spt mobil. Tau fungsinya, tau cara pakainya scr umum, dan perlu tau batasan2 safetynya. Tapi nggak perlu jiper duluan krn mikir harus mempelajari SEMUANYA sampai ke hal2 teknis2 banget. Kita nggak perlu belajar soal reaksi pembakaran bensin atau parts2 mesin untuk bisa pakai mobil, kan? Tapi kita wajib tau gmn jaga spy aman berkendara, belajar nyetir yg aman, tau siapa yg hrs dikontak klo2 ada trouble, dsb.

Last but definitely not least:

- Beware of information theft. Dan tingkatkan awareness buat safety when using gadgets in public (use passwords, small fonts, use gadgets discreetly).

- be extra careful when using social media: keep names, places, important detail info to yourself. Be careful of the pics you post!

- Daya gunakan separate accounts in your family PC/laptop untuk menjaga keamanan data

****Paling penting: jaga password, terutama password email! Krn password email itu awal mula dr semua akses ke mcm2 apps/socmed.