Friday, March 24, 2017

Retelling a story

We've been going through some routine changes lately in our homeschool. Partly because of having Baby Squirrel plus Little Bird's activities as well, and the other partly because of Big Bug getting bigger and more able to learn independently for some activities.

Now Little Bird reads the Iqro Book everyday, and while she does that, Big Bug reads an Islamic story by himself and will retell the story to me when Little Bird finishes her Iqro Book page. We use the retelling story "Scoop Chart" from thisreadingmama's blog and I'm really happy to see his progress of retelling stories!

I always tell him that no matter what he chooses to do later on in life, he'll need the language skills to communicate, collaborate, and hopefully bring good to himself and others. So even if he still does groan and complain from time to time, this Mama just smiles back and tells him "ganbatte!" Hehehe...

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